Get Relief from Dark Circles Under your Eyes with Vivexin

The Vivexin BottlesWe can’t help you with being tired, but if you’d prefer not looking tired, you might want to give Vivexin a try.

Most of us, at one time or another, develop unsightly discoloration and puffiness under the eyes. Getting more sleep helps, as does moisturizing. And of course there are all kinds of good eye treatment products available, but for our money we really like Vivexin! In fact, we ranked it #4 in our comparison of the best eye creams currently available.

You probably have better things to do than look at site after site trying to find an outstanding solution to the problem of dark circles and puffiness, so we took the work out of it for you. We roamed all over the Internet looking for information and opinions about Vivexin, and this is what we found out!

What exactly is Vivexin?

Vivexin is a product that reduces the appearance of dark circles under the eyes. It also makes the under-eye area appear less puffy, and boosts collagen production through the use of Matrixyl, which is also credited with reducing and removing fine lines and wrinkles.

Using clinical ingredients in conjunction with botanical extracts, Vivexin strengthens the capillaries in the eye area and helps with circulation – this means that when you’re tired or stressed, the increased flow of blood to the eye area is less likely to cause the capillaries to leak or burst near the skin’s surface. This is what causes the discolored appearance under the eyes – essentially, the think skin under your eyes is showing bruising from damaged capillaries. Vivexin works on skin as well as the capillaries.

Essentially, Vivexin is a powerful product that eliminates dark circles by attacking the problem where it begins – under the skin.

What does Vivexin do?

dark circles under eyesVivexin contains three main ingredients that combine to create a powerful ally against puffiness and dark circles.

Eyeliss works to counteract puffiness by strengthening leaky veins and capillaries in the under-eye area. It also works to drain accumulated fluid. It claims to have line and wrinkle reducing properties as well, but the research on that is inconclusive.

Matrixyl gives your skin’s collagen-producing ability a boost. Collagen plumps up and fills in lines and wrinkles.

Haloxyl is Vivexin’s primary ingredient for combating dark circles. It uses natural-source enzymes to reduce dark discoloration, making you appear more refreshed and alert. It also strengthens leaky capillaries.

Taken individually, any and all of these ingredients sound as if they would be extremely effective. The problem is that there hasn’t been a whole lot of testing on the effects of these three ingredients when used in combination.

So, we continued searching the Internet, looking for user reviews that revealed problems with Vivexin, and this is what we found.

This brings us to some problems associated with Vivexin…

What Doesn’t Vivexin Do?

We didn’t find too many issues with the product. The main concern seems to be that there can be some skin dehydration. Using moisturizers in conjunction with the Vivexin can help.

Here’s what some satisfied customers had to say

The price is right!

“I was using another way too expensive eye cream before and had good results but I was tired of spending so much money on each bottle. My friend told me about this product as she was liking her results so. I switched to try it out. I was very impressed with the serum and how smooth it went on and dried. This did everything the more expensive cream did and was a fraction of the cost. Very happy with eye revival and will continue to use it.”  –

“Social”, February 28 2012,

Goodbye, dark circles!

“I found it by accident, but it turns out to be some great stuff – my eyes look much better now! It also fights wrinkles really well without any no sides effects, this is way above my expectations. I use this in the mornings and when I want to refresh my eyes from fatigue or lots of reading. I have also tried some other products but they didn’t work overall as good as Vivexin – just love it!”  –

CATom, February 14 2012, Amazon

The last word…

To summarize, we read many reviews, the great majority of which were positive. Users reported overall effectiveness within a fairly brief time frame, but enough users reported skin dehydration to lead us to conclude that this is likely a typical (although easily corrected) side effect.

Obviously nothing is perfect. There are products available that work in much the same way as Vivexin, and some are less expensive. Also, some customers feel that the automatic renewal isn’t clearly explained – if you don’t call and ask to cancel the shipments, your credit card will be billed $80 per month until you do.

Also, there are online rumors about customers who have difficulty getting refunds. If you’re thinking of giving Vivexin a try, you might want to call first and find out how strict the 90-day return policy is, and find out how to stop the auto-renewal program if you feel that Vivexin isn’t working for you.

All things considered, we were sufficiently pleased with Vivexin to give it the #4 spot on our list of the top eye creams for 2012 – it’s a good quality product, and well worth a try.

The Search for the Best Eye Cream

Don’t be fooled by name brandsWith so many brands out there it is hard to look for an eye cream that works for you. Everyone either wants to age gracefully or not age at all. You also want to invest your money into something that works.

When looking for the best eye cream, here are some 3 things you should do, or don’t do, when looking for the best eye cream for you.

Don’t be fooled by name brands

Do not be fooled by name brands and prices. Just because it is by a name brand company and it is expensive does not mean it will work. Quantity does not equal quality in this case. Not saying that you shouldn’t use name brand products, but by sticking to name brands, you are excluding yourself from finding gold mines in more independent companies.

Look into more Organic

The thing about organic products is that although some may be pricey, organic skin care lines tend to be a healthier solution for your skin. Why, because of the ingredients. Organic companies pride themselves on more natural and vitamin induced products.


Speaking of ingredients, reading the ingredient section of the box is the most important thing you could do before deciding to buy any product. It is important to know what we are putting on and in our bodies. Here are some ingredients you should look for when deciding upon the best eye cream is for you:

  • Vitamin A, E, C and D –These vitamins are well known to help improve the skin by helping produce collagen, eliminate the appearance of acne and other skin conditions, and many more
  • Omega 3, 6, and 9-like the vitamins above these fatty acids are great in helping improving the skin and giving people a more youthful look.

Although some products may not have all these ingredients, these ingredients will surely help you in achieving younger and wrinkle free eyes. If you don’t recognize any of the ingredients on a certain eye cream, use the internet to look it up and see how these ingredients can benefit you.

Overall, the best eye cream varies from person to person. Not all products work the same way for different people. That’s why the best eye cream will not only have the best ingredients, and for some the right price, but it will also have the best results for younger and healthier looking eyes.

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